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Manage review cycles
Goal setting
Create review templates

Manage your review cycles

  • Stop manually emailing or scheduling performance reviews. Let Rooster handle the timelines for you
  • Create a review process your managers and employees love and enjoy
  • Manage deadlines with automatic alerts

Customizable review templates

  • Create your own database of review form templates you can retrieve at any time
  • Managers and Team Leads can collaborate and edit forms easily
  • Department Heads no longer have to compromise and reuse the same review form repeatedly

360-degree feedback

  • Employees can become active participants in their evaluations with Self-reviews
  • Peer reviews promote transparency and enhance unbiased evaluations (Coming Soon)
  • Manager reviews allow employees to better understand the organization’s expectations

Goal tracking

Manage expectations more efficiently by setting clear goals for your team. Managers can now instantly assign and keep track of their team’s goals and skills using Rooster’s Performance Management module

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