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| 28 Jun, 2022 |
Written by Rochelle Wickramasinghe

How to create a job post on Rooster : A step by step guide

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about creating your first job post on Rooster.

We compiled this comprehensive guide to help you start creating your first job post.

This blog will walk you through an easy five step process designed to help you create the right job post that will attract great candidates.

Step 01 – Sign in to your account

You can find the jobs page at: app.rooster.org > Jobs or at: app.rooster.org/hire/jobs

Step 02: Create a new job

Then click on “+ Create new job”

Step 03: Fill the details

Fill in the following information on the form.

  • Job title*
  • Department* – Click here to find out how to set up your companies departments
  • Employment Type*
  • Classification*
  • Skills
  • Location* – at the moment you’re allowed to select from a list of Cities as opposed to countries
  • Job Description* (Minimum of 50 words is required)

(* fields marked with “*” have to be filled before publishing the job post)

Use the Check Box that follows to mention if the job post is a remote position.

Step 04: Add salary details

You can choose to include any salary information on the job post. If you wish to do so, use the check box to display the required fields.

  • Currency*
    • Select the currency
  • Paid every*
    • Select the frequency of payment
  • Minimum salary*
  • Maximum salary*

(* fields marked with “*” have to be filled before publishing the job post)

Step 05: Publish the new job

Once you have double-checked all the information, go ahead and click “+ Create new job”.

Active/Inactive status of your job posts

You can decide to save your job posts as drafts using the status toggle at the top of the form.

Filtering your job posts

Once you have created multiple job posts, the ATS allows you to filter the list. You can filter through your job post using the following fields.

  • Search bar – you can use keywords used on the title.
  • Departments – Filter using the departments of your organization
  • Job Types – Filter using:
    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    • Internships
    • Casual
  • Active Status – Filter between active and inactive job posts

We allow you to use two different formats to view your job posts. You can select between a “List” view or a “Table” view on the right-hand side of the filter bar.

Sharing your job post

Once you navigate to your job posts within the ATS you are given a custom URL that you can share with headhunters or potential candidates.

Edit or delete your job post

You can always edit your job posts by clicking the pencil icon, and delete the job post by clicking the trash can icon.

That’s really all you need to do!

Congratulations, you’ve posted your first job on Rooster. Now, you can reach and track all your potential candidates.

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  1. Aqib

    Thank you so much for this kindness

    • rrochelle

      Hi Aqib. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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